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MRS MURPHY: Now, Con, wasn’t that some adventure? So you then drove on to Dublin, did you Robbie?

ROBBIE: Indeed we did, but we went through a town where a building was burning and all the men were standing around.

MRS MURPHY: (in concern) Where was that then?

ROBBIE: I don’t really know …

CON: What was the building, Robbie?

ROBBIE: … Oh I remember. It’s the same as your name. Maryborough. Daddy said THEY had burnt down a creamery. But he didn’t say who THEY were. He was very, very angry. He said THEY were ‘bloody murderers’.

MRS MURPHY: Now, Robbie, you shouldn’t use that word.

ROBBIE: But Daddy said all the men would have no work and how the creamery was used by all the farmers. He said something about ‘reprisals’, but I didn’t really understand.

MRS MURPHY: How was Dublin?

ROBBIE: Mary, there were so many people. And there were cars and lorries. Lorries with men with guns.

CON: Who were the men, Robbie?~

ROBBIE: Daddy talked about ‘the Military’ and ‘the Constabulary’, but I know about them. Then he said there were ‘Auxiliaries’ and ‘Black and Tans’. So I asked him why were there so many and he said it was to control the people who wanted their freedom. He said it was like the birds that could fly wherever they wanted. I didn’t really understand, but I know it’s a good thing that birds are free.

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