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MARTIN: What are the instructions, Kevin?

KEVIN: Martin, you’re in charge and the target is the Rynah barracks. It’s empty now, the RIC have left. We are to torch it so the Tans cannot occupy it.


MARTIN: Here’s what we’ll do. On the left behind the barracks is the old ruined barn. Tomorrow I’ll hide petrol cans under the straw. We meet up at ten; it’ll be dark by then. Each of us will take a can and some straw. I will torch the top floor, Con will take the first floor and, Kevin, you will set fire to the ground floor. Then I will stand guard in the entrance and cover your escape. Above all, lads, don’t get caught! If we’re surprised and surrounded, run for it. Hide where you can until the search passes. If they catch you, there’ll be any means used to get information out of you. The lives of all of us are at risk. Guard your tongue! Any questions, lads?

CON: The Master comes back tomorrow, what should I do?

MARTIN: They won’t be on the roads at night, if they can help it. But only leave after you’ve seen Master Robbie. And you remember what I said about the youngun, Con?

CON: What was that, Martin?

MARTIN: He talks too much. So say nothing about the plan to him or anyone. Then come to the Barracks. We’ll be waiting.

KEVIN: Then we meet tomorrow.

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