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MELI: He’s asleep. What happened?

ALEC: He was injured in the first race.

MELI: What do you mean first race?

ALEC: Well he was crew for the first time today.

MELI: I would never have let him race.

ALEC: If you had been at the regatta you could have had your say. But you never come these days.

MELI: (angrily) You are an idiot! You know he’s never raced before. How could you have been so stupid.

ALEC: He’s got to start some day.

MELI: So why did you take him out today, when I wasn’t there?

ALEC: We reckoned we could win. There was almost no wind and Robbie is so light. Also it helped our handicap.

MELI: And who was ‘we’?

ALEC: Etta.

MELI: Etta who?

ALEC: You know. Etta Kernahan.

MELI: Of course I know. How dare you sail with her!

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