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CON: Tomorrow I will leave and hide myself somewhere else. I’ll be back to fight another day. And fight I will, until every Tan and traitor is dead or out of Ireland.

ROBBIE: What do you mean traitor?

CON: Kernahan.

ROBBIE: But he’s an Irishman.

CON: He’s a traitor. I’ll be back to get him.

ROBBIE: Don’t say that. Kill Kernahan? You don’t mean it.

CON: Indeed I do. And everyone like him.

ROBBIE: Con, what’s happened to you? You’ve changed. You are driven by hate. It’s because they beat you up, isn’t it?

CON: Robbie, this is war. You are too young to understand.

ROBBIE: (Angrily) I’m not. (Pause) I know about your war. About the Black and Tans being bloody murderers. Killing Kernahan would be murder too.

CON: Every Irishman has to stand up and be counted. Either you support the English or you support our fight against them!

ROBBIE: (Crying) But Mummy’s English. You don’t know what you are saying.

CON: Robbie, don’t cry. We will never hurt her as her heart is with us.


ROBBIE: And mine is too. I will help you escape.

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