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MELI: Your Colonel Kernahan came today. He was in a fearful rage. His fine friend and leader of the Tans, Major MacTaggart, is dead …

CON: ’Tis deep out of the ground they came and isn’t that where they belong anyhow?

MELI: … and his headman is missing. He wanted to talk to the Master, but he was missing as well. He’s gone up to Dublin for a few days. So Kernahan rushed off to see the Tans. Probably to tell them everything.

CON: Ma’am, I’m sorry I brought Martin here …

MARTIN: You did a good job bringing up the donkey and cart.

CON: … but he would have died if he had stayed another night in the cavern. I knew the Master had gone, and Martin said you would know what to do.

MELI: You did the right thing. We don’t want any more dead. And you, Con, are in danger? Where you were last night?

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