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ROBBIE: But Con, I told him I wouldn’t tell anyone. It’s all a secret between him and me.

CON: Sure and since when did you and I have any secrets between us? And whoever the fella is, he must be a stupid fool. Poaching our young pheasants in the woods I’ll be bound and fell and bust his leg. He may need help that you’d be not strong enough to give him.

ROBBIE: But I promised.

CON: You’ll be late for your lessons.

ROBBIE: They are not important.

CON: A good education is important. I never had one.

ROBBIE: Con, what’s the matter with you this morning? Following instructions? Getting an education?

CON: I’ve been thinking.

ROBBIE: So that’s why your head hurts.

CON: I’ve been thinking about learning myself.

ROBBIE: You don’t need any as a gardener.

CON: When you go to school in Dublin, you’ll be learning long words and all that. I won’t be able to understand you. So I thought maybe you could lend me some of your books. Easy ones that is. I can read a bit. It would be good for me.

ROBBIE: You sure have hurt your head.

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