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In silence, the three men trudged into the slime and put their shoulders to the back of the car. Up to their ankles they pushed, but to no avail. The tall man removed his shabby coat and placed it under the back wheels. He smiled: ‘It’s for the little lad,’ he muttered shyly. 

‘God bless you,’ Alec replied.  He let in the clutch very gently and, helped by a mighty shove, the car floated on to the grass. Ahead, the cart track was firmer; some gravel had recently been thrown upon it. As the car gathered speed, he saw ahead the open gate leading back to the road.  He dared not stop for fear of getting bogged once more, but once out on the road he pulled up and jumped from the car to give his thanks. No one was to be seen and all was silent. They had gone as silently as they had come, those mysterious but kindly men. God grant them safety from unfriendly bullets, was Alec’s heartfelt wish.

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