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June 15, 1930
Left Foynes 8.25am (New Time). Watch 52secs slow.
Bar 30.00ins. Light NE breeze. Nice run down river with tide and very little wind which fell calm & then went to South. Becalmed in a beastly sea off Kerry Head. Ran engine for 2½ hours runs to try & get out from the land.

June 20, 1930
Watch 1 min 27 slow.
Log 8am 220.4.
Position at noon 49°36'N log 240. Course SSE.
11°44'W at 7.30pm. 170 miles SW by S from the Blaskets
Am hove to again as seas are too high to plug into any more till it changes a bit. Nothing but a dead beat all the way to here, these seas are very fine to watch. I would like to see one of them roll down Banagher Street some fair day!

June 25 1930
Well this is the worst yet. Wind gone round to the East and blowing a full gale. Hope the gear will stick it. Mainsail rather large, can't touch anything, blowing far too hard & torrential rain.
Both watches stopped this morning, forgot to wind them and I don't think the wireless is good enough to get the time signal.
Bobstay carried away. Had to rig temporary forestay of running sail halliards.
Must call in at Vigo to get it fixed. Can't set mainsail anymore.

July 14, 1930
Got London (Chelmsford) again at 12 noon. Haven't been able to get it since Thursday (July 10). Wonder was it broken down.
Wind due North, racing along, should make a good run today. Will know at 1pm. Only seen 1 ship since I left the coast, funny no traffic from the Mediterranean. Tiller sheet broke at 5.30am. Lucky I was awake & heard it go. Must fit stronger one. Position at noon 35°30'N, 14°8'W. 107 miles since noon yesterday. This is my best days run so far. Only 228 miles from Funchal.

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